David Egliskis(セキュリティーズ・レンディング部)





Reason to choose/join BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a company for dynamic learning and therefore growth.  This is possible since the Bank is the strongest European institution but yet has a very ambitious global outreach.  Therefore on a daily basis I have the opportunity (and requirement really) to interact with colleagues in Europe and the US to build growth for both Asia and their regions.  BNP Paribas is a place where Sales and Trading continually balance expanding the suite of financial products provided to clients whilst simultaneously envisioning and delivering on new technical means to do so.  Therefore, one’s role can be as broad and experiential as they challenge themselves to achieve.


Your job and source of motivation

As our bank defines ourselves – ‘BNP Paribas is the bank for a changing world’.  And indeed, we are operating in a very evolving environment impacting financial markets and products, regulations, and social norms (i.e., ESG).  The motivation is to continually help oneself, our team, and our Firm thrive amongst that change.  What needs to be done to excel and how will we accomplish it?  One then balances the short-term practical aspect of their role with the longer-run developments.


Your team and colleagues

Our Pan Asia team of which Japan is an integral part is a microcosm of diversity – that of varying interests, skills, and cultures.  Rather than a group of cookie-cutter (finance) profiles you will instead find a very eclectic team, where some exceed with interpersonal skills, some technical expertise, and yet others creativity & idea generation.  The collection of unique but strong skill-sets creates a team, where each learns to rely upon each other for their individual competitive advantages – and the result becomes a very successful, goal and business achieving team.  We each target to teach and learn from each other regardless of corporate title level or seniority.