Haissam KEILANI(株式派生商品開発部)





Reason to choose/join BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is one of the biggest universal bank in the world and first EU bank by revenue. Our strength in and with 3 business mix, Retail, Investment and Protection Service, Corporate and Institutional Banking, allows us to be ambitious. Thus, new joiners can aim to contribute to new business opportunities and challenges. After graduating, I joined BNP Paribas and had an opportunity to work in Honk Kong. Then now in Japan. Thanks to our capacity and presence in Japan for a long time, BNP Paribas has continued to be  recognised by Japanese clients as a reliable business counterparty. My role focuses on structured equity business, where BNP Paribas shows remarkable strength based on our advanced risk management techniques and wrapping capabilities. We continuously gaining market shares at a time, where some of our competitors had suffered difficulties. On a more personal note, after 5years of experience and collecting peers feedback, I realized that BNP Paribas is a great “school” to get into the industry. As mentioned, business sustainability is key for BNP Paribas. Therefore, you will be able from the very beginning to interact with highly skilled and experienced professionals over different platforms.

Your job and source of motivation

I am working as an equity derivatives structurer. My key responsibilities are designing and pitching investment and/or hedging solutions/products. Thanks to my background, I am focusing on quantitative aspects as well. What I like:

  • Doing business is challenging but rewarding. Business creation (through new ideas) is key in our industry and it adds to the dynamism of our work environment. Furthermore, I find it exciting to see the outcome of my work materialize immediately through client satisfaction and revenue generation.
  • Interacting. Discussions with clients and internal stakeholders are key aspects of our daily activity. You need to identify and work on requests and requirements from client but as well potential future opportunities that the clients have not yet come up with. Internally, you need to make sure that all participants has the same understanding based on the same level of information to deliver project as one team. Therefore communication is crucial.
  • Intellectual motivation. My educational background is quantitative analysis, and I believe this it is more than cracking figures but it allows having a problem solving/solution driven mind-set, which is an important capability when delivering customised products. Another intellectual aspect is knowledge that you can gather as you work and interact. For instance, when it comes to institutional client, having/gathering accounting knowledge is very important.

What you do at your free time / Hobby

I believe that maintaining a balance between work and personal life is important if you want to last and keep being motivated. I enjoy activities, which allows me to cut from work. I used to travel a lot before COVID breaks in. After work, I try as much as possible to get kick boxing training. This is a good workout and challenging activity for me. Finally yet importantly, I am trying to improve my Japanese language skills by studying whenever possible.